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Welcome to the Meal Prep Coach!!! 

 I’m so excited you have decided to invest in yourself by meal prepping! 

Give yourself a HIGH FIVE for being so awesome! 


Here’s a few things to know as you get started! 


  1. New menus are released every Friday morning and can be found under current menus in the menus tab! 

  2. Grocery list for the current week can be found in the grocery tab. All menus and grocery lists can be downloaded and printed, or viewed on your phone! 

  3. If you want to make your own menu, the menu template can be found in menus at the very bottom of the page. 

  4. When you want to meal prep, pick the latest menu, grocery shop using the grocery list for the corresponding week and get cooking!

Click the Home button to get started!

Here are some commonly asked questions! 


Q: How many people are the menus written for? 

A: Two people for meals M-F. Divide or multiply the recipes as needed. 


Q: Will the menu’s help me lose weight or gain muscle? 

A: The menus are not written for weight loss, weight gain or any specific health/fitness goal. The recipes are written for overall healthful eating using fresh, wholesome ingredients and eating them in a balanced way. I am not a dietitian, physician or nutritionist and am not qualified to set calories or macros. However recipes are written to be easily modified to fit your specific diet if you do have a specific calorie/ macro intake. That being said, many participants have experienced weight loss and overall health benefits through using this program.


Q: What if I’m eating paleo, Whole30 or have dietary restrictions?

A: Recipes are written to use minimal ingredients that have an easy substitute so it’s simple to substitute for your specific diet. 


Q: I’m three weeks in and I don’t like the program, can I get a refund?

A: Refunds are not offered, thank you for respecting our policy!


Q: Do you use the same recipes over and over? 

A: No! I work very hard to be constantly adding new flavors and recipes to the menus and recipe library. 


Q: What if I don’t know how to cook?

A: Not a problem! Check out the video library for help! Also I write my recipes to be low fuss and fast! No advanced cooking skills needed here!


Q: Can I build my own menu if I don’t like yours?

A: Yes!! I have a template with instructions for you to build your own menus from the extensive recipe library. 


Q: What happened to the Go! section of the menus?

A: We found that listing out the cooking order and detailed step by steps was confusing more than it was helping. However recipes are still listed in the order that they should be cooked!