It all started when…

First challenge Coming soon!

Feel like you need some friendly accountability with your meal preps and want to build the habit? Then participate in the MEAL PREP BASICS CHALLENGE!! 

 This challenge is for SERIOUS meal preppers who are truly wanting to improve and build their meal prep habit! 

 What’s Included?

  • 4 Week Challenge

  • Four simple menus (separate from regular weekly menus) that build upon itself to help you build the habit of meal prepping and grow your confidence and skills! (Valued at $150) 

  • Recipes and grocery lists for each week. (Valued at $100)

  • 1 mini challenge within the group with a prize! (Prize valued at $50)

  • 4 live Facebook sessions in the Meal Prep Coach community to answer your questions and teach skills! (Valued at $350)

How do i sign up?

  • No need to sign up - simply visit this page, once the challenge starts, on a weekly basis to get your menus, recipes and grocery lists each week…they will be listed below!

  • Join the Meal Prep Coach Squad private group on Facebook to interact with other challenges participants and interact with Chef Kat during the Facebook Live sessions.

Total value: $650 | FREE FOR MEMBERS